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Thursday Dec.  1st, 7:00 PM  - JFBC

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Did Flew Fly?

Dr. Ian Ferguson

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
School of Materials Science and Technology
Director, FRP Next Generation Lighting
Georgia Institute of Technology



A world renowned atheist recently Anthony Flew recently changed to a deist viewpoint due to arguments based on intelligent design (ID).  This talk covers the history and philosophical basis of ID to better understand the transition that Flew has made.

Biographical Sketch

Ian Ferguson is a Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology.  His research focuses on the area of wide bandgap materials and devices (emitters, detectors and electronics) using GaN-based materials and developing these materials for illumination and spintronic applications.  Prior to joining Georgia Tech, he was the Director of Research at EMCORE Corporation and held a range of positions with the company including Director of Intellectual Property and General Manager of In-situ Products.  Dr. Ferguson has also worked with interdisciplinary research groups at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and at the Imperial College in London, England. Dr. Ferguson has over 140 refereed publications, authored four book chapters, two books (currently editing another), and holds four patents.  He also founded and co-organizes the ‘International Conference on Solid State Lighting’. 




Don't miss this casual and light- hearted presentation by Dr. Ian Ferguson, Physicist and Professor at GA Tech,  on the recent conversion of Antony Flew, and the lessons we can learn from ID on evangelism.


See you t! 



For background info, click below to read an interview with Antony Flew.


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* * October Chapter Meeting  * *

Dr. Rick Byrn

"Abiogenesis: Fact or Faith?"

Thursday Oct.  27th, 7:00 PM  - JFBC

"Abiogenesis: Fact or Faith" with Rick Byrn

· Abiogenesis: Life appearing from nonliving materials. In the Standard Theory of Evolution, any non-materialistic, supernatural help in producing life is not allowed (i.e., abiogenesis must have occurred). Did life start itself ‘in a warm little pond somew’? Or come from outer space? Abiogenesis will be examined using known scientific processes and simple mathematics in a manner that leaves no questions as to its probability of occurrence.

· Dr. Rick Byrn is mostly retired, but does consulting and volunteer work. Rick was Vice President of Nichols Research Corporation and Assistant Vice President of Science Applications International Corporation. His doctorate is in Nuclear Engineering as is his BS and MS degrees, and he has an MA in Mathematics. Rick has specialized in using probability methods to solve complex scientific problems. He has been associated with Reasons To Believe for 10 years.


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* * September Chapter Meeting  * *

Dr. Jefrey Breshears

"Developing a Christian Philosophy of History: Making Sense of the Past and Present""

Next Thursday Sep  29th, 7:00 PM  - JFBC





Presented by Dr. Jefrey Breshears

The theologian George Ladd once noted that "The uniqueness of the Christian religion rests in the mediation of revelation through historical events." Similarly, the Christian historian Herbert Butterfield declared that what we think about history influences our whole outlook on life. When all is said and done, the only reason for being a Christian is if, in fact, it is true, and Christian truth is inextricably linked to historical truth.
Today, many would argue that t is no such thing as historical truth -- that everything is merely a matter of opinion. For them, t is no fundamental distinction between history and mythology. Even many professional historians doubt that historical truth is accessible, or that history holds any real value and meaning. Postmodern historical relativism is pervasive in academia, and if the postmodernists are right -- and if history is ultimately meaningless -- how can we possibly think that our own lives have any value and purpose? 
It is imperative today that Christians not only know history, but truly UNDERSTAND it. But few Christians have a well-reasoned philosophy of history, which not only hurts our apologetic witness to non-Christians, but leads to the kind of muddled thinking such as, "God caused Hurricane Katrina to wipe out New Orleans as punishment for that city's sins." 


* * * * * * * 

Dr. Jefrey Breshears is the founder and president of The Areopagus, a Christian study center in the metro-Atlanta area. The Areopagus provides seminars, workshops, and forums on issues of interest to contemporary Christians including biblical studies, Christian history and apologetics, contemporary cultural issues, comparative religions, and Christian spirituality. For nearly twenty years Dr. Breshears taught history, philosophy and religion at Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, and Reformed Theological Seminary. In the 1980s he was the editor of "Crossroads: An Atlanta Christian Forum," and later served as pastor of the Marietta Community Church.



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 Why Study Christian History?

The Killing of History: Why relativism is wrong

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* * August Chapter Meeting  * *

Dr. Mark Whorton

"A Day in the Life of Adam"

Aug  26th, 7:00 PM  - JFBC

 NOTE:  This month's meeting has been moved to Friday!

 "A Day in the Life of Adam"

This talk describes life in the Garden of Eden before the fall in the context of an ancient creation.

Will also touch on  Animal Death in a Very Good World"

To some creationists, what one believes about the age of the earth is a litmus test for how genuinely one believes the bible.  An ancient creation with the suffering and death of animals seems inconsistent with the nature of the Creator who called His creation "very good."  Suffering and animal death before the fall of man is essentially the theological line in the sand.  This presentation assesses the bible's teaching on animal death before the fall in light of the Master's plan for His "very good" creation.

 Mark will also show how God has revealed Himself truthfully through what He has made.  It deals with the issue of the fall's impact on the created world and how to understand Romans 8:19-22 in an old-earth context. 

104FishClick to listen to Mark's interview on The Fish!


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* * July Chapter Meeting  * *

Donald Dicks

"Follow the Evidence Wver it Leads:: A Forensic Scientist Looks at Intelligent Design"

July  28th, 7:00 PM  - JFBC

Many of you know Donald as he is Founder and President of ACAP (Atlanta Christian Apologetics Project) who hosted the popular “By Chance or Design” Apologetics Conference down at GA Tech several years ago.

In addition to multiple Master’s degrees in Apologetics from various seminaries, Donald also has a degree in Chemistry from Auburn and works professionally as a Forensic Toxicologist with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Adjunct Teacher of Christian Apologetics at Luther Rice Seminary.

The seminar is entitled “Follow the Evidence...Wver It Leads: A Forensic Scientist Looks at Intelligent Design “





* * June Chapter Meeting  * *

Resource Night!

Phillip Johnson  -  "One Nation Under Darwin"

June  30th, 7:00 PM  - JFBC

Are we One Nation under God or One Nation under Darwin? Phillip Johnson says this is the most important public debate to face our nation in the past 150 years.  Either we are under God or we are not under God.  Either God is real or God is imaginary.  What we decide we are “under” as a nation will determine our moral authority for the future of our people and our country.

Ideas have consequences and the moral authority that “we the people” decide to put ourselves under in the future will have far reaching consequences for our nation.

What is the best way to discuss these issues in a pluralistic society?  Phillip Johnson advocates the “Teach the Controversy” approach which has been endorsed by Congress in the Santorum language that was part of the “No Child Left Behind” Education Act of 2002.

A graduate of Harvard University and the University of Chicago Law School, Phillip E. Johnson served as law clerk for Chief Justice Earl Warren of the United States Supreme Court and taught law for more than thirty years at Boalt Hall at the University of California, Berkeley. Since the publication of his seminal book, Darwin on Trial, he has been widely recognized as the leading spokesman for the Intelligent Design Movement.



* * May Chapter Meeting  * *

Larry Taylor  -  "How To Debate Darwinists"

May  26th, 7:00 PM  - JFBC



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* * April Chapter Meeting  * *

Dave Richardson  -  "Theistic Foundations of Modern Science"

April  28th, 7:00 PM  - JFBC

Dave Richardson

Campus Leadership Ministries

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Please consider supporting Dave and Pam Richardson.  As full-time missionaries to campus faculty, they raise 100% of their support.  Please visit their website at .



* * March Chapter Meeting  * *

Peter Bocchino  -  "Criteria for Testing Origins Theories"

March  31st, 7:00 PM  - JFBC


Come out and hear Atlanta based Apologist Peter  Bocchino speak on the topic of integrating science wiht your faith in today's culture.

Peter Bocchino is the President of Legacy of Truth Ministries based in Atlanta, and served previously with Ravi Zacharias Ministries for 9 years. He has also co-authored a book titled "Unshakable Foundations" with Norm Geisler.

Peter graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Peter worked for 10 years in the power generation industry with both Foster Wheeler Energy Corporation and Jersey Central Power & Light Company, specializing in thermodynamics.



* * February Chapter Meeting  * *

Parker Hudson -  10 Truths and 10 Lies

February  24th, 7:00 PM  - JFBC


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If you missed Parker, you can read more his books at his website



* * January Chapter Meeting  * *

Ray Williams -  The Harmony of Science and Biblical Creation.

January 27th, 7:00 PM  - JFBC

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 Ray Williams' "Harmony of Science and Biblical Creation"

Click below to view Ray's Presentation (5 Parts)

Part 1 A 

Part 1 B

Part 2 A-B

Part 3 A-B

Part 4 A-B



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