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ATLANTA RTB November / December Chapter Meeting



3rd Annual Christmas Social

PLUS a special presentation entitled “Where In The World Are We?”

Thursday, Nov 30th, - 7:00 PM

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta



"Where In The World Are We?" 

It will be an educational but light hearted review of the history of worldviews on how the western world has viewed God as a creator of the universe and of life on earth.  We anticipate that you will be informed and entertained. 


MENU Catered by Ippolito’s Italian Restaurant

Choice of Chicken Marsala (Chicken Breasts sauteed with fresh mushrooms, Marsala, and cream) or Baked Lasagna (Pasta sheets layered with ricotta cheese, Italian sausage, Ippolito's meat sauce & zesty Italian spices baked with romano & mozzarella cheeses) with Ippolitos’s tossed garden salad, iced tea and a luscious dessert, White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake.



Bring your spouses!   A fun time will be had by all.

 Tickets & Reservations Required!


October Chapter Meeting

A Special DVD Presentation of

Creation As Science

followed by...

RTB Scientists Panel

Thursday, October 26th, - 7:00 PM

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church,  
955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta

Hugh Ross

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DVD: Creation As Science

by Dr. Hugh Ross

In Creation as Science, Hugh Ross resolves one of the most divisive debates of our time. His “creation model” reveals a path toward genuine resolution. It affirms biblical truth as well as the scientific enterprise.


Our distinguished panel... 



Dr. Rod Nave

Physicist, GA State University

Rod Nave has recently retired after a career spanning almost 40 years in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Georgia State University. He earned a Ph. D. in Physics from Georgia Tech and did research in molecular structure using microwave spectroscopy. That research was continued in a post-doctoral appointment at the University College of North Wales and while on the faculty at Georgia State University. Subsequently he did research in electron spin resonance, studying the affects of ionizing radiation on biologically related molecules.

 Out of the teaching of prospective high school physics teachers arose the project called HyperPhysics. Now sponsored by the Department of Physics and Astronomy, it is accessible at http://www.phys-astr.gsu or by putting HyperPhysics into a search engine. It was envisioned as a continuing resource on the internet for those who were teaching high school physics. It has reached a much wider audience than that target audience. This HyperPhysics project has grown rapidly into a worldwide resource on the internet with over 50 million file hits annually, and with CD versions of HyperPhysics sent to 65 countries to date. It has been translated into German and Italian. The further development of HyperPhysics remains a major occupation. In 2005 HyperPhysics was awarded the international Merlot Classic Award for Physics.

 With a deep commitment to both faith and science and their congruency, Dr Nave is an active member of First Baptist Church, Mableton, GA. He serves as a deacon, a Sunday School teacher, and director of the boys mission organization, the Royal Ambassadors. He has served as Faculty Advisor for the Baptist Student Union (now Baptist Student Ministries) at Georgia State University for over 30 years. He is current president of the Christian Faculty Forum on the GSU campus.



Dr. Jerry Norton

Biologist, GA Perimeter College

Jerry teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology at Georgia Perimeter College and holds degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and Texas Tech

University.  He also studied Medical Microbiology at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.



Dr. Kent Ratajeski

Geologist, State University of West GA

Kent is in his second year as assistant professor at the Geosciences Department at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, GA.  His academic degrees come from New Mexico Tech (B.S. in geology), the University of Maryland at College Park (M.S. in geology), and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Ph.D. in geology).  His research activities have included various projects in the western United States mostly related to the field geology, petrology, and geochronology of granites.  His Ph.D. cissertation concerned the origin of granitic rocks in Yosemite Valley, California.  Since grad school, he has held temporary teaching appointments and research post-docs at Calvin College (Michigan), the University of Wisconsin, Northern Arizona University, Bates College (Maine), the Wheaton College (Illinois) Science Station in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the College of William and Mary (Virginia), and Montana State University.

Kent attends ChristChurch PCA in Atlanta, GA and enjoys running, piano, and all forms of outdoor exploration.




Professor Paul Elbert

Physicist/Theologian, COG Theological Seminary

Paul Elbert is an adjunct professor of Theology and Science at the Church of God Theological Seminary in Cleveland, Tennessee.  He is a physicist-theologian and a New Testament scholar, focusing mainly on Luke-Acts.  He formerly served as chairperson of the Georgia Superconducting Super Collider Committee that attempted to site the world’s largest proton accelerator in Georgia’s coastal plain. 

 He holds a B.A. from Butler University in mathematics and physics, an M.S. in physics from the University of Michigan, and an M.A. from Fuller Theological Seminary.  He did postgraduate research at the University of London King’s College in New Testament for five years while teaching physics at a British university.  

 He has served as the editor of two festschrifts for American Old Testament scholars and his theological publications have appeared in many international journals, like the Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Zeitschrfit für neutestmentliche Wissenschaft, Novum Testamentum, Journal of Biblical Literature, Journal of Pentecostal Theology, and the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. 

 He is a member of the New Testament Group of the Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical and Theological Research in Cambridge, England.    


Donald Dicks, M.S., M.A.

Forensic Toxicologist, Georgia Bureau of Investigation

Many of you know Donald as he is Founder and President of ACAP (Atlanta Christian Apologetics Project) who hosted the popular “By Chance or Design” Apologetics Conference down at GA Tech several years ago.

In addition to multiple Master’s degrees in Apologetics from various seminaries, Donald also has a degree in Chemistry from Auburn and works professionally as a Forensic Toxicologist with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Adjunct Teacher of Christian Apologetics at Luther Rice Seminary.



Robert McKnight, J.D.

Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgia State University

Robert H. McKnight was raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is married to Zella MacArthur McKnight. They have made Atlanta their home since 1975. Robert is also an Adjunct Professor at Georgia State University Law School. When not practicing law or teaching, Rob and Zella enjoy bicycling. Rob is also an avid swimmer and hiker.


College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio, B.A. History & Economics, 1968
Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, J.D., cum laude, 1971


Don't miss this special evening...

Skeptics welcome!

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September Chapter Meeting

Ray Williams

Cosmogony, Geology and Genesis 1

Thursday, September 28th, - 7:00 PM

 Johnson Ferry Baptist Church,
 955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta

Ray Williams

The program for this meeting will be a PowerPoint presentation given by Ray Williams entitled, Cosmogony, Geology and Genesis 1, followed by a discussion of scientific evidence, biblical interpretation and intelligent design.
Starting with the beginning of the creation/evolution debate, the presentation will reveal how, concerning biblical interpretation, the “wool” has been pulled over the eyes of many believers to the extent that they reject current scientific evidence that clearly establishes the antiquity of the earth/universe.
The long-standing belief in the “plain meaning and literal interpretation” of Genesis 1 is challenged and the question is posed –
Should the leaders of the Intelligent Design movement distance themselves from the doctrine of young-earth creationists?
The colorful PowerPoint presentation promises to be an eye-opener for those who have been following the
young-earth/old-earth debate.
Ray was the speaker at our January 2005 RTB meeting when he gave a presentation showing that we live in a “sea” of electromagnetic radiation that pervades the universe and that there is definitely Harmony of Science and Biblical Creation. 

Ray has a diverse background.  He is a retired Navy officer having served during WWII and the Korean war .  With an electrical engineering degree, following retirement, he worked with several companies to include the Naval Air Development Center, the FAA, and the Lockheed Aircraft Company.  Ray is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and has served as a Ruling Elder since 1969.  He is a Ruling Elder Emeritus from Christ Presbyterian Church, Marietta, GA and has taught classes in Christian Doctrine, Books of the Bible and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Ray has been engaged in the discussion of science and faith issues for many years and has written a number of articles that were posted on the PCA News web site. The articles contained comprehensive scientific and biblical arguments that stressed the Harmony of Science and Biblical Creation.

He became a member of RTB Atlanta in January 2005


August Chapter Meeting

Angela Brannen and Robert McKnight

... A WORKSHOP on presenting "Intelligent Design" to small groups. 

Thursday, August 31st, - 7:00 PM

 Johnson Ferry Baptist Church,
 955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta

Angela Brannen

Biology Teacher

Robert McKnight

President, Atlanta RTB

A WORKSHOP on presenting "Intelligent Design" to small groups

This month we are happy to announce that Angela Brannen and Robert McKnight will conduct a workshop on how to present a Biblical view of “Intelligent Design” to a Sunday school class or other small group.   Helpful handouts will be available.

After Angela and Rob share their presentation outlines and resources, this will be an open forum discussion of ideas, resources and experiences of how we can easily and with confidence share the great news that faith and science are allies. We will also discuss ideas on how to deal with objections from young earth creationists, atheists, and other skeptics. 

Angela Brannen is an experienced high school biology teacher.  Rob McKnight is a trial attorney and an adjunct professor of law at Georgia State University College of Law.     

You have all heard many things about Intelligent Design from both sides of the argument and it has become quite controversial and politically charged.   As a result it has been maligned in the press and there is much misinformation out there on exactly what it is and what it isn't.   The object of this workshop if for us to learn together how to plant the seeds that the realm of nature and science declares God’s existence and gives trustworthy revelations of God’s character and purpose.



July Chapter Meeting

Professor Paul Elbert-


Thursday, July 27th, - 7:00 PM

 Johnson Ferry Baptist Church,
 955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta
 Professor Paul Elbert

This illustrated lecture features a unique collection of color photographs from libraries, monasteries, and private scholars from around the world.  All the relevant writing tools used to produce the Old Testament Scriptures and the New Testament documents will be shown.  The inspiration of the New Testament writers will be framed within the communicative and rhetorical traditions of the ancient world, against the development of writing, the Qumran discoveries, the earliest New Testament fragments, the earliest likenesses of Jesus, and the five major New Testament codices from which the Greek text of the New Testament is mainly taken.  The presentation concludes with a selected array of beautiful illuminated manuscripts depicting biblical scenes, followed by several icons.  

June Chapter Meeting

Dr. Jerry Norton - The Complexity of Life

Thursday, June 29th, - 7:00 PM

 Johnson Ferry Baptist Church,
 955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta
Dr. Jerry Norton

How Do We Account For the Complexity of Life?

As a scientist, I must evaluate data.

The data argue strongly for the existence of a designer.
Did God use “evolution” as the mechanism for his creation? 

I don’t know, but I know that he did it.

Genesis 1:1 says:  “God created the heavens and the earth.”
Proverbs 3: 19, 20 says:   “The Lord by wisdom hath founded the earth;  by understanding hath He established the heavens.  By his knowledge the depths are broken up and the clouds drop down the dew.”


May Chapter Meeting

Dr. Gene Ashby -

Understanding the Creation Evolution Controversy:

Thursday, May 25th, - 7:00 PM

 Johnson Ferry Baptist Church,
 955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta

Dr. Eugene C. Ashby

Are you confused by what you are reading in the news media and seeing on television concerning the Creation/Evolution controversy?

Emotionally charged opinions on this very complex scientific subject have been published by both Creationist and Evolutionists without having personally studied the issues. Some study of Astronomy, Paleontology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Physiology is necessary in order to arrive at an informed position on the subject.

Dr. Ashby has spent the past 5 years studying the issues and has defined the problem. He proposes a simple theory that can be understood by the non-scientist that should satisfy both Creationist and Darwinist Evolutionists as to the origins of the universe, life, and man.

Dr. E.C. Ashby, Regent’s and Distinguished Professor Emeritus, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology.


Click here for pictures of the meeting.


April Chapter Meeting

Dr. Charles Thaxton -

Intelligent Design Odyssey: An Insider's Perspective

Thursday, April 27th, - 7:00 PM

 Johnson Ferry Baptist Church,
 955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta

In 1984, with the publication of what would become a seminal work in the field, "The Mystery of Life's Origin", Biochemist Dr. Charles Thaxton was one of the first scientists to break from the prevailing dogma of Darwinian Naturalism, and dare to question the assumption that life could originate through random chance and natural processes.  With this influential book, Dr. Thaxton helped found what became known as the Intelligent Design Movement.

In the foreword of "Origins of Life" by Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Fuz Rana, Charles Thaxton is referred to as one of the "fathers of the ID movement" and they both acknowledge his pioneering efforts in the field by adeptly pointing out the logical fallacies scientific improbabilities of a strict Darwinian Naturalistic philosophy.  Since then, many more scientists have contributed to this study and now much scientific evidence exists to challenge the exclusive naturalistic claims of much of modern science. The Soul of Science [B9407]

Dr. Thaxton's presentation will be a personal odyssey of his involvement from before the beginning with what became known as the Intelligent Design movement. He will discuss development of key ideas in "The Mystery of Life's Origin", and how they became the basis for the approach taken in an ID textbook by Dr. Dean Kenyon,  "Of Pandas and People".

He will also discuss his association with a number of people who became part of the modern discussion of ID, including Steve Meyer, Paul Nelson, Hugh Ross, Michael Denton, Phil Johnson, Al Plantinga, Bill Dembski, Tom Woodward, Nancy Pearcey, and others. Dr. Thaxton will also include his involvement in the ID battles in Kansas, Dover, and conclude with an international ID conference in Prague.

We are pleased and privileged to be hosting Dr. Charles Thaxton. Don't miss this exciting event!

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March Chapter Meeting

Dr. Rae Mellichamp - The State of Christian Thought in the University

Thursday, Mar. 30th, - 7:00 PM

 Johnson Ferry Baptist Church,
 955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta.


Joseph McRae Mellichamp"The State of Christian Thought in the University".

Dr. Mellichamp's presentation will cover a comprehensive overview of the current situation of being a Christian in higher education including an update on legal issues, political correctness and multicultural issues, and persecution of Christian professors, among other topics. As his sources, Dr. Mellicahmps's draws upon The Chronicle of Higher Education, CLM's legal file, books, and newspaper articles, as well as personal anecdotes from his rich history of experience. 

Dr. Joseph McRae Mellichamp is Emeritus Professor of Management Science in the Manderson Graduate School of Business at the University of Alabama where he served as a faculty member from 1969 to 1994. He is also Faculty Representative for Christian Leadership Ministries.  Dr. Mellichamp received the Ph.D. in Engineering Management from Clemson University and the Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He also was a Visiting Scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Mellichamp has published refereed articles in such journals as the Harvard Business  Review, Management Science, Decision Sciences, Expert Systems, Interfaces, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, The Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Simulation, and IEEE Networks.  He was principal investigator for contract research projects totaling over $1.25 million and served as a consultant for AT&T, General Motors, N.A.S.A. (The Space Shuttle Program), and the U.S. Army (Strategic Defense Initiative).

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February Chapter Meeting

Bill Ibsen - Decline of Nations, Rome and the United States

Thursday, Feb. 23rd, - 7:00 PM

 Johnson Ferry Baptist Church,
 955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta.
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Bill Ibsen

Six great nations have fallen in our generation. What causes nations to rise so far and then collapse so suddenly? Comparing the great civilization of ancient Rome to the United States of America, Bill Ibsen takes a candid look at the overall social, moral, and cultural health of America in this audio/visual presentation by examining the cycle of decline and ten symptoms of decline.

Born in Milwaukee, but raised in central Illinois, Bill graduated from The Citadel with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. In 1994 he founded a southeastern USA manufacturer’s representative company specializing in industrial electromechanical components, which he subsequently sold in 1997. Working as a consultant to the electrical industry, he also served for several years as the Marketing Manager for Bultaco/Sherco USA, a Spanish motorcycle company. Bill currently owns and operates two companies which he founded in 1997 and 2000, both of which import industrial electrical components primarily from Italy.

Bill holds two national titles competing on off-road motorcycles, a sport which he enjoys with his sons. His interests include teaching, learning, traveling, and photography. As a former contributing author of a monthly motorcycle magazine,  Bill is currently in the process of co-authoring a book on riding techniques.  He is also co-authoring a series of DVD’s with Dr. Kenneth Boa, and is involved in biblical teaching and discipleship.

He and his wife of twenty years, Alison, make their home in Atlanta, GA., with their three children, two dogs, and two horses.

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Monthly  Chapter meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month.  
Meetings are held at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church,  955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta.
Meeting times are from 7:00-930PM, but come early!




Speaking Schedule as of 01/20/06

  • Wed, Feb 8th, 7:00 PM, Mt.Bethel UMC, Marietta - Dr. Fuz Rana, Who Was Adam?

For More Info contact: Jefrey Breshears
(770) 427-7806

  • Sun, Feb 12th, 5:00 PM, Church of the Apostles, Atlanta -  Dr. Fuz Rana, Who Was Adam?,  Dr. Hugh Ross, God's Fingerprints

For More Info contact:


  • Mon, Feb 13th, 7:00 PM, Whitefield Academy, Mableton -  Dr. Hugh Ross, God's Fingerprints



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Welcome Robert McKnight,

RTB Atlanta Chapter President for 2006!

Robert H. McKnight
Attorney at Law


College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio, B.A. History & Economics, 1968
Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, J.D., cum laude, 1971


Robert H. McKnight was raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is married to Zella MacArthur McKnight. They have made Atlanta their home since 1975. Robert is also an Adjunct Professor at Georgia State University Law School. When not practicing law or teaching, Rob and Zella enjoy bicycling. Rob is also an avid swimmer and hiker.


Robert McKnight
Tom Ellis
Harriet Matthews




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