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RTB 7th Annual Christmas Social



Monday Dec 6th

6:30 PM

(Dinner starts at 7pm)


 Pappadeaux’s in Alpharetta





Map to Pappadeaux's 


Make plans now to come join us on Monday evening, Dec. 6 th at Pappadeaux’s Seafood Kitchen in Alpharetta, exit 8 off GA 400, near Northpointe Mall.  Social time will start at 6:30 PM and dinner promptly at 7pm. Reservations are required and tickets are $32 per person*.




FoodDinner includes Pappdeaux salad, dessert (cheesecake w/ strawberries, key lime pie, or Crème Brule) and choice of entree:


1) Crawfish Etoufee w/ dirty rice

2) Fried Shrimp w/ french fries

3) Costa Rican Tilapia Lafayette topped w/ crabmeat

4) Chargrilled Chicken Breast w/ garlic mashed potatoes



Note - There will be no November meeting in observance of Thanksgiving. May God bless you and your family during this season. 


Our 2010 Speakers…


Our 2010 speakers will receive a special invitation to come join us so this is your chance to come meet them and chat in a casual atmosphere. This is a great chance to catch up even if you missed their presentation. Scroll down for the full lineup of this year's speakers and the topics they presented.




ATL RTB October Chapter meeting


Forum: The Kind of Faith That Touches Me

(graphic from

Thursday, October 28th - 7:00 PM

Room 108 (formerly the “Net”)

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta




Reasons to Believe seeks to address real-world questions about faith and science and sees science and faith as allies, not enemies.  A continuing quest is to find ways that a real and reasonable faith can be communicated to colleagues and friends.



In this forum, some of our members will share about ideas, persons, or events that positively impacted their faith. This will serve as the basis for further discussion of the question “What can we do to actively encourage faith in Christ in our day?”


The forum will be given priority, but if time permits, we will also share some brief video clips to make you aware of some resources you might profitably use at your church or in a study group.



ATL RTB September Chapter meeting


The Big Bang: Inevitable by Law or Finely-tuned Creation?


An opportunity to respond to Hawking and Mlodinow’s book…


“The Grand Design”



The Grand Design




Presentation by Dr. Rod Nave with opportunity for discussion.


Dr Nave


Dr. Rod Nave



Thursday, September 30th - 7:00 PM

Room 108 (formerly the “Net”)

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta



Hawking and Mlodinow:


“Because there is a law like gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing … It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.”



The publicity associated with the publication of this book provides a great opportunity for Christians to respond to the questions raised. This meeting will provide some background based on the physics and astronomy involved and the claims made in the book. There will be an opportunity for discussion of how to make use of the fine-tuning of the universe to point persons to our Creator.


We will overview the evidence for the big bang model, but emphasize the idea that the nature and initial conditions for it had to be “just right” for it to produce a universe in which intelligent life could exist. Though it appears to unfold according to the observed laws of the universe (the kind of idea that Hawking is referring to), the initial conditions that determine the rate and nature of the expansion could have taken an infinite range of other values, and only with values incredibly close to those observed in our universe could life exist. That incredible fine-tuning is powerful evidence pointing to an intentional creation.




ATL RTB August Chapter meeting


The Landscape of Science Apologetics




Thursday, August 26th - 7:00 PM

Room 108 (formerly the “Net”)

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta



One of the premises of Reasons to Believe is that science and faith are and always have been allies and not enemies. Another basic position is that the Bible and nature are both taken to be God’s gifts and therefore reliable in guiding our understanding. It is the hope of RTB that nature can be used persuasively to point to the Creator of nature.


For the August RTB meeting we will survey and discuss the prominent approaches that are being taken at present to use science to encourage faith. We hope to fairly compare the presumptions and framework of the major initiatives that seek to use nature to point to faith in the Creator.  That would include a brief analysis of the Reasons to Believe approach along with the approaches of Discovery Institute, BioLogos, Historical Adam Society, and two main young-Earth organizations Answers in Genesis and Creation Ministries International. It is not the intent of the session to be a bashing session for any of the approaches of Christian brothers and sisters, but it seems appropriate to do a straightforward examination of the positions of each. We will start with a brief statement of the framework and presumptions of each, so come prepared to share your experience and viewpoint. The hope is to better prepare each of us to help strengthen fellow believers and to reach out with the marvel of creation to skeptics.





ATL RTB July Chapter meeting

No meeting - Summer break...




ATL RTB June Chapter meeting


A review of…


Signature in the Cell”

By Stephen Meyer



Description: Description:

Does the complex specified information in DNA that functions as blueprints for the production of proteins give a clear signature of a creating intelligence? Stephen Meyer's Signature in the Cell provides the most careful defense yet of an affirmative answer to that question. 


Thursday, June 24th - 7:00 PM

"The Net"

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta


  Description: Description: Bruce Phillips

Dr. Rod Nave


Description: Description: Dr Nave

Bruce Phillips


This month’s RTB meeting will take a first look Stephen Meyer's Signature in the Cell, beginning with excerpts from a presentation that Meyer himself gave at the Heritage Foundation last year.


Rod Nave and Bruce Phillips will provide insight into some of the main ideas of the book, including how DNA stores information through the genetic code and uses that information to produce the proteins that make living cells possible.  They will discuss the assertion that information in the absence of intelligence is unknown in nature and review Meyer’s argument that the "inference to the best explanation" for the origin of life to the conclusion that intelligence was involved in creation.


Since the controversy surrounding Meyer’s book is currently quite intense, we will look at some of the criticisms that have been leveled at Meyer’s work. As always, we will reserve time for discussion as a part of this session.




ATL RTB May Chapter meeting


Creation from a Chemist’s View

by Dr. Howard Deutsch


A review of…


“Origins of life.  Biblical and Evolutionary Models Face Off”


Fazale Rana and Hugh Ross


Origins of Life

Dr Howard Deutsch

Dr. Howard Deutsch



In “Origins of Life”, biochemist Fazale Rana and astronomer Hugh Ross reveal a model that shows how perspectives on first life's beginnings can be tested -- as a creation event -- with astounding results.  Rana and Ross explode the myth that scientific evidence supports naturalistic theories and show how research corroborates a transcendent Creator who formed and nurtured the initial life forms and more.



Thursday, May 27th - 7:00 PM

"The Net"

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta





This talk will primarily be a review of the book “Origins of life. Biblical and Evolutionary Models Face Off” by Fazale Rana and Hugh Ross. The backgrounds of the authors and reviewer will be discussed in terms of their strengths, weaknesses and biases. What is important about this book? It gives the scientist and nonscientist (religious or not) and the religious or nonreligious person (scientist or not) a good lesson on the various perspectives on this issue. For everyone, it is a quick summary of the general state of thinking about how life started. The focus will be on the conclusions of many of the chapters where the two models are compared. In addition to talking about the book, Dr. Deutsch will bring his perspective to the problem under the general theme “Creation from a Chemist’s View”.




Dr Deutsch received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Georgia Tech and after some years in industry with Union Camp Corp spent thirty years as a research organic chemist at Georgia Tech. As Principal Research Scientist, he worked in the area of medicinal organic chemistry and drug development. He contributed to the development of antiglaucoma, anticancer, and anti-AIDS drugs as well as drugs targeted toward therapy for drug abuse. With some 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and three US patents, he has had an extended career in chemical research. A 2004 project with Dr. Nick Hud at Georgia Tech on “origin of life chemistry” is one of the influences that got him to thinking about the chemical processes in life and what it would take to initiate them.



ATL RTB April Chapter meeting


 Review and Critical Analysis of

"More than a Theory”


More Than a Theory


Mark Tabladillo
Mark Tabladillo, Ph.D.

In “More Than a Theory”, Hugh Ross, founder and president of Reasons To Believe, offers readers a comprehensive, testable creation model to consider as an alternative to naturalistic evolution. The book provides Christians with scientific information to defend their convictions that the God of the Bible is the Creator.


Thursday, April 29th - 7:00 PM

"The Net"

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta




Mark Tabladillo Ph.D. will present the major points of Dr. Hugh Ross' recent book. The presentation will highlight major principles in assessing the strengths, independently, of scientific and theological arguments.  This presentation will also include interactive audience participation to analyze and discuss some known critiques to Ross' work.   Audience members will have the opportunity to win a free copy of A Rulebook for Arguments.  Reasons to Believe is a national organization with local chapters, and its officers are committed to the idea that science need not contradict orthodox Christianity.


Click here to view the presentation:  Review and Critical Analysis of "More than a Theory”





Mark Tabladillo Ph.D. has completed the Officer Training Course for Reasons to Believe.  He has been a believer since 1985, and is a member of North Point Ministries based in Alpharetta, GA.  He has provided spiritual leadership through his church, and has encouraged and led some to the Christian faith.  He has led small study groups, led the 722 Singles Ministry Team, and facilitated the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class at Buckhead Church.  Mark earned a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.  As an Information Technology consultant, he has worked with scientists from around the world through the Centers for Disease Control.  He is a part-time faculty member with the University of Phoenix (School of Advanced Studies) where he actively mentors doctoral students.  Mark is a member of Sigma Xi and the Association for Computing Machinery.



ATL RTB March Chapter meeting



A reason for the faith that is within you …




RTB “bookshelf”


Thursday, March 25th - 7:00 PM


 "MEGA Room" 3rd Floor

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta



Note room change to MEGA Room on the 3rd Floor

(rooms 321-334, signs will be posted from the NET )



"... always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, ..." 1 Peter 3:15


The words of 1 Peter 3:15 encourage us to be able to communicate clearly about our faith. The Greek word widely used for such communication is apologia, meaning a speaking in defense, so we are being encouraged toward Christian apologetics.


This month’s RTB meeting will provide an overview of some of the fine resources for using what we find in nature to encourage faith. The setting will involve a panel of four persons who are actively involved in apologetics training and who will highlight some of the resources and courses. Our hope is that we can encourage you to read some of the books and material, and perhaps you might consider one of the available online courses. They can be taken for equipping you personally or with the goal of becoming a certified volunteer apologist for RTB.


Panel Members:

  • Tom Ellis is involved in the Officer Training Course for Reasons to Believe and will report on the nature of that course.
  • Mark Tabladillo Ph.D. has completed the Officer Training Course and is pursuing other resources for apologetics will give highlights of the book More Than a Theory by Hugh Ross.
  • Butch Johnston is involved in the Officer Training Course and will report on the book A Matter of Days and also share some thoughts about how to use this material in sharing our Christian faith.
  • Bruce Phillips has completed the academic requirements of the Baptist North American Mission Board's Apologetics Certification Program and will offer comments on course content and the program's emphasis on effective public communication.

Rod Nave will react with the panel and conduct a time of discussion on these apologetics education opportunities.



ATL RTB February Chapter meeting



Geological Considerations Bearing on the Harmony of Science and Biblical Creation






Ray Williams





Burgess Shale



Thursday, February 25th - 7:00 PM



 "The Net"

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta



This month’s RTB Meeting will focus on a discussion of last month’s joint meeting with Areopagus, which featured a DVD presentation entitled “Darwin’s Dilemma: The Burgess Shale and the Cambrian Explosion”.




The discussion will be preceded by a 35 minute PowerPoint presentation of Geological Considerations concerning the antiquity of the Earth including segments on (1) geology as a science, (2) plate tectonics, (3) coal deposits, (4) lake deposits, and (5) the Burgess Shale.

Burgess_Shale_Diagram             Burgess_Shale2  

The last segment highlights the formation and location of the Burgess Shale and will be the lead-in to a discussion of the “Cambrian Explosion” and its impact on the controversial subjects of the Origin of Life and the Diversity of Life. Questions to be considered are the causes of life’s origin, whether by natural phenomena such as RNA abiogenesis or theistic special creation; change mechanisms such as Darwinian natural selection, theistic fiat commands or theistic evolution resulting in the diversity of life; and how does Intelligent Design help us in our understanding of the origin and diversity of life?


We look forward to again welcoming Ray Williams as the presenter for this months Atlanta RTB meeting. Ray is an honored friend of RTB who has shared with us before on his study of the interpretation of the days of Genesis and as a member of our panel on “Growing Edges in the Science-Faith Dialog”. He has developed an eight-lesson program on The Harmony of Science and Biblical Creation and last summer presented a formal paper on interpretation of the Genesis days at a meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation.




We also enjoy conversations with Ray about his experiences in World War II aboard the USS Cowpens, dubbed “The Mighty Moo”.




ATL RTB January meeting...


Joint program of Areopagus and Reasons to Believe


Darwin’s Dilemma:

The Burgess Shale and the Cambrian Explosion




with commentary and Q&A by


Darwin's Dilemma


Dr. Charles Thaxton


Senior fellow with the Discovery Institute,

author of "The Mystery of Life's Origins"

and "The Soul of Science,"

and one of the "founding fathers" of Intelligent Design


Dr Thaxton


The new documentary film by The Discovery Institute that

exposes fatal weaknesses in Darwinian evolutionary theory and

offers compelling evidence for Intelligent Design



Thursday, January 28th - 7:30 PM



 >> Note TIME and LOCATION change <<


Fellowship Hall

Perimeter Church

 9500 Medlock Bridge Rd

Duluth, GA 30097-5987



(The Fellowship Hall is on the main level accessible through the Main Entrance.)



The Burgess Shale reveals an extraordinary explosion of life with many animal body-plans appearing in a very short segment of geologic history. Called the Cambrian Explosion, it is one of the most extraordinary events in natural history. With thousands of fossils, it is an evidence of development of life that must be considered, whatever your world view. Darwin’s Dilemma discusses the extreme difficulties posed by the Cambrian Explosion for the evolutionary picture of gradual accumulation of the effects of mutations – it is anything but gradual! Besides segments from the excellent video, we have the privilege of hearing from Dr. Charles Thaxton.


Dr. Thaxton is a chemist whose excellent work in the area of the origin of life dates back to 1984 when he, Walter Bradley, and Roger Olsen published the book “The Mystery of Life’s Origin”. Dr. Thaxton also collaborated with Nancy Pearcey on the book “The Soul of Science”. Dr. Thaxton and his wife Carole currently operate the Konos Connection, a Christian educational organization in Fayetteville, GA.


This is an opportunity to hear an outstanding Christian apologist whose extensive science background fits him well to communicate faith to a secular scientific society. 







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