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Monthly Chapter meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month.

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Meetings are held at

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta. 

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Meeting times are from 7:00-930PM, but come early!


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Rod Nave w bookcase

Rod Nave

President RTB ATL Chapter


Part of the Reasons to Believe Mission Statement is "science and faith are, and always will be, allies, not enemies." We seek to use the wonders of nature to point to nature's Creator. RTB Atlanta's monthly meetings on the last Thursday of the month are designed to explore the relation of science and the observation of nature to Christian faith, and involve a presentation plus a time for open discussion. This is a place where you can ask your questions and bear testimony to the answers that you have found to be meaningful to you. You are invited to join us for the meetings, and also to access information about past discussions. Comments by email are welcome, and you can also access us by facebook.


Outlines of some of the past sessions in which I have been involved are posted on the open web under the title "The Book of Nature". 

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April Meeting

Undeniable - How Biology Confirms Our Intuition that Life is Designed

a discussion by...

Bruce Phillips

Bruce Phillips


April 27th- 7:00 PM

Room 108
955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
Directions to Johnson Ferry Baptist


In late 2016 Dr. Douglas Axe of the Discovery Institute published a book that claims that the current orthodox Darwinian position of random variation and natural selection is not a feasible description that could account for the incredible variety of life forms that we see around us. Axe himself is a published researcher on the structure of proteins, the key battleground between purposeful design and materialist orthodoxy. Is life designed? Or must we look to random variation and natural selection to explain the overwhelming diversity of life we see around us? Far from being a technical dispute, this debate bears directly on who and what we are. Could anything be more important?


Undeniable <Book Cover>


Axe provides just enough information about proteins for us to begin to appreciate what must be involved in any theory that is grounded in the accidental assembling of these building blocks of life. He then shows how astronomically impossible such a theory would be as a real life alternative. Successful biological "searches" for suitable proteins from an inventory of random creations could exhaust the physical capabilities of our universe without a successful find! And yet evolution supposedly has found hundred of thousands of them. It doesn't add up.


But more importantly, Axe completes his book with a look at what this might mean for who and what we are - a stirring argument for the centrality of human persons. Rather than see us as the culmination of some random natural process, our characteristics and value suggest that we should lie at the center of any comprehensive understanding of the universe. This is exciting stuff!


Please join us for an evening that’s ultimately about YOU! 



Bruce Phillips is a Certified Apologetics Instructor with certificates from the North American Mission Board of the SBC, from BIOLA (the Bible Institute of Los Angeles) in California, and from Cross-Examined, an apologetics ministry founded through Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC.


Upcoming Meetings ...

The tentative lineup for our future meetings are below. Please check back periodically since events are subject to change. ATL RTB chapter email announcements will also reflect any changes. As always, we are open to suggestions for meeting topics and speakers. Please email us your suggestions and preferences for future meetings at:


 Upcoming meetings


Some of the topics under consideration this year include:


- Medically related - the brain

- A review of "God Among the Sages", the latest book by Ken Samples

- A review of "Dinosaur Blood and the Age of the Earth" by Fuz Rana

- RTB scholar via Skype

- Transitional forms, missing links and classic evolutional topics


Check back for updates for future meetings.



Previous Meetings...


March Meeting

Last of the Archaeology Gaps... Where is the Evidence for the Exodus?

Presented by...

Ben Smith

Ben Smith


March 30th- 7:00 PM

Room 108
955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
Directions to Johnson Ferry Baptist


For decades Egyptologists and historians have been saying there is no evidence for a slave exodus from Egypt that resulted in the birth of the nation of Israel. Nor is there evidence of a conquest of Canaan. The Israelites are said to have arisen within the local population and their stories of origin are exaggerated tales at best, or completely fabricated at worst.




Archaeological evidence has been mounting for the times of the kings and even the united nation under David, but what about Moses? Do we have any reason to believe the story from Joseph to Joshua is based in historical fact? Apologist Ben Smith says, "Yes we do!" Come and enjoy the presentation and join the discussion.



Ben Smith has been studying and teaching theology and apologetics for 30 years since becoming a Christian while attending Ga. Tech. He is the author of the book Genesis, Science, and the Beginning available now on Amazon and Kindle. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Worldview and Apologetics from Luther Rice University and is the Ratio Christi Chapter Director at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton GA.


February Meeting

Improbable Planet

A book review by

Eric Smith

Eric Smith


February 23rd- 7:00 PM

Room 108
955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
Directions to Johnson Ferry Baptist


The number and complexity of the astronomical, geological, chemical, and biological features recognized as essential to human existence have expanded explosively within the past decade. An understanding of what is required to make possible a large human population and advanced civilizations has raised profound questions about life, our purpose, and our destiny.


Improbable Planet - Moon Collider Event


In this presentation, we will examine some of the fine-tuned astronomical phenomena that made possible the habitability of our planet, and how their extreme improbability contributes to the argument for a creator.



Eric A. Smith received his Master's degree in Physics from Vanderbilt University where he was a member of the Supernova Cosmology Project, the co-discoverers of dark energy. He has been an Instructor in Physics and Astronomy at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, GA and is now teaching physics and astronomy at The Weber School, a Jewish high school in north Atlanta. He is a regular attender at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.


January Meeting

The Cell's Design

A book review by

Andrea Smith


January 26th- 7:00 PM

Room 108
955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
Directions to Johnson Ferry Baptist


Far from being Darwin's featureless little blobs in a warm little pond, the cell is a well-coordinated factory with a vast number of cooperating parts. Andrea will review some of the evidences of design in Dr. Fuz Rana's book "The Cell's Design".


The Cell's Design / Hyperphysics



Part of that evidence for design is in the cell's nucleus where the DNA blueprint is used to send out working plans to construct the cell's many working proteins. Armed with cutting-edge techniques, biochemists have unwittingly uncovered startling molecular features inside the cell that compel only one possible conclusion -- a supernatural agent must be responsible for life.



Andrea Smith studied general sciences at Webster University and biology and science education at University of Georgia, Athens, She has been involved in Reasons to Believe and the Areopagus Christian Study Center for the more than six years.




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