“Promoting an Intelligent Christian Worldview by Integrating Science and Scriptures”

Monthly Chapter meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month.

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Meetings are held at

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

955 Johnson Ferry Rd,  Marietta. 

You can find a map and directions online here.

Meeting times are from 7:00-930PM, but come early!


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Rod Nave w bookcase

Rod Nave

President RTB ATL Chapter


Part of the Reasons to Believe Mission Statement is "science and faith are, and always will be, allies, not enemies." We seek to use the wonders of nature to point to nature's Creator. RTB Atlanta's monthly meetings on the last Thursday of the month are designed to explore the relation of science and the observation of nature to Christian faith, and involve a presentation plus a time for open discussion. This is a place where you can ask your questions and bear testimony to the answers that you have found to be meaningful to you. You are invited to join us for the meetings, and also to access information about past discussions. Comments by email are welcome, and you can also access us by facebook.


Outlines of some of the past sessions in which I have been involved are posted on the open web under the title "The Book of Nature". 

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 RTB Mission Statement:


“The Book of Nature” page:



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May Meeting

Did Adam and Eve Play with Dinosaurs?

presented by...

Ben Smith


May 28th- 7:00 PM

Room 108
955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
Directions to Johnson Ferry Baptist


Dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago, right? And yet many Christians think the earth is not that old and dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark. Dinosaurs are also fascinating which is evident from the highly anticipated new movie release of another in the Jurassic Park series in early June.




As Christians, what do we do with dinosaurs? Why did God create them only to have them go extinct long before humanity was created? Or has the recently discovered T Rex soft tissue fossils proved dinosaurs and humanity coexisted? Does the Bible mention dinosaurs? Does any of this even matter? Ben Smith believes the answers to these questions are important because they relate to the inerrancy of the Bible. Come and join us for an interesting presentation and discussion.



Ben Smith has a B.A. degree in Apologetics from Luther Rice University and is the director of the Ratio Christi apologetics club at the University of West Georgia. He is a frequent speaker on evidences for the Christian faith who specializes in Genesis and science related issues.


Upcoming Meetings ...

The tentative lineup for our future meetings are below. Please check back periodically since events are subject to change. ATL RTB chapter email announcements will also reflect any changes. As always, we are open to suggestions for meeting topics and speakers. Please email us your suggestions and preferences for future meetings at:


 Upcoming meetings

  • June: Richard Howe will join us, stay tuned for details.
  • July: Summer break, no meeting.
  • August: John Donahue returns with part 2 of "Excavating the Truth: Archaeology Confirms the Bible" covering the new testiment.



Previous Meetings...


April Meeting

Dialoguing with Skeptics



April 30th- 7:00 PM

Room 108
955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
Directions to Johnson Ferry Baptist


Brady Lenardos, Bruce Phillips, and Rod Nave will each address common issues that arise when talking with skeptics. Their short presentations will be followed by a panel discussion where you are encouraged to share your experiences and questions. Our goal is to help you feel more confident in these sometimes challenging discussions!

Brady Lenardos Brady Lenardos

Skeptics from Hume to Sagan have rested on "Extraordinary events require extraordinary evidence" to dismiss miracles and the Resurrection. Brady Lenardos will discuss the fallacies involved and how to respond.

Bruce Phillips

Bruce Phillips


Evangelical philosopher J P Moreland points out that the "Case for God" is cumulative. There is clearly cumulative value in the three traditional arguments for God: the existence of something rather than nothing, the argument from design in nature, and the argument from morality. Whether these three taken cumulatively represent "Extraordinary Evidence" we'll leave for you to decide!

Dr. Rod Nave Rod Nave

Thoughtful persons from many points of view have challenged the presumptions of skeptics. Timothy Keller advocates encouraging skeptics to “doubt their doubts” and consider the evidence for a Creator. Rod will briefly highlight several books that could help equip you for such a dialog.



After the opening presentations, Brady, Bruce and Rod will remain as a panel to encourage the discussion. The aim of this meeting is to have a conversation about different approaches to sharing with persons who are far from faith. The spirit of the conversation should reflect...


1 Peter 3:15


But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,



Careful consideration of how we might dialog with skeptics could help give us the confidence to take opportunities for open dialog with persons we encounter. Please come with your thoughts and favorite resources and join in the discussion.



March Meeting

Pain and Addiction - A Physician's Biblical Perspective

presented by...

Dr Donald Taylor


March 26th- 7:00 PM

Room 108
955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
Directions to Johnson Ferry Baptist


Not only is pain part of the experience of humanity, in the modern era it is also linked to abuse of and addiction to prescription drugs.  From his experience as a physician specializing in the treatment and management of pain, Dr. Don Taylor will discuss his Biblical perspective on pain and addiction. These are realities that will either afflict us or someone we know.  We can all benefit from an experienced perspective about what can be done for these aspects of illness.

Brain Scans


One of the most profound issues in apologetics is the problem of pain and suffering, which many point to as their stumbling block to faith. But one can also point to pain as part of God's plan to minimize injury and give early alerts to treatable problems. Come prepared to discuss the faith implications of pain.


February Meeting

How to Build a Habitable Planet

presented by...

Eric Smith


February 26th- 7:00 PM

Room 108
955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
Directions to Johnson Ferry Baptist


In recent years, astronomers have announced an ever-increasing number of "habitable planets," planets they believe could be similar enough to Earth to maintain life. But what is it that makes these planets "habitable", and could they be truly capable of supporting life as we know it? And what implications do these discoveries have concerning the uniqueness of our own world?

Pale Blue Dot


In this session, we'll look at a few of the many factors required for a planet to support life, see how these supposedly "Earth-like" planets fall short, and gain a greater appreciation for the fine-tuning of Earth to support life.


January Meeting

"Sample" of Samples

presented by...

Mark Tabladillo


January 29th- 7:00 PM

Room 108
955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
Directions to Johnson Ferry Baptist


This presentation will provide a summary and recommended overview for work by Ken Samples, an RTB scholar.  The purpose of the presentation is to provide the major points from four books by Ken Samples, and encourage everyone to read the books on your own.  These four books with links to the RTB website are:

Look up these books using the provided links or on Bing or Amazon to familiarize yourself about what they are about, and feel free to bring some written questions.  The presentation slides will be available after the event. 

Ken Samples


If you'd like to learn more about Ken Samples or the other RTB scholars, MP4 files of the biographies of Ross, Samples, Rana, and Zweerink are available from the following link: 

Listen to them on your favorite MP4 player.  The four folders do not have the team names on them -- the titles are from the original CDs, and will be a fun quiz to guess who's who.    These interviews may be elsewhere on the RTB site or iTunes, but they are provided here for convenience.  
Mark Tabladillo Ph.D. is an RTB Atlanta chapter officer, and member at North Point Community Church.  Professionally, he is a data scientist, and consults with many top companies and travels to speak.  He has a research doctorate in engineering from Georgia Tech, and he is an active part-time faculty member at the University of Phoenix.  He is a Chapter Director and apologist for Ratio Christi.  He has been a believer since he was in college, and enjoys making science and theology understandable for every church member of any age.  You can feel free to connect with him on Linked In or Facebook.



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