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on the last Thursday of each month.

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Meetings are held at

Room 108
955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
Directions to Johnson Ferry Baptist

Meeting times are from 7:00-930PM, but come early!


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Rod Nave w bookcase

Rod Nave

President RTB ATL Chapter


Related to the Reasons to Believe Mission Statement "science and faith are, and always will be, allies, not enemies." We seek to use the wonders of nature to point to nature's Creator. RTB Atlanta's monthly meetings on the last Thursday of the month are designed to explore the relation of science and the observation of nature to Christian faith, and involve a presentation plus a time for open discussion. This is a place where you can ask your questions and bear testimony to the answers that you have found to be meaningful to you. You are invited to join us for the meetings, and also to access information about past discussions. Comments by email are welcome, and you can also access us by facebook.


Outlines of some of the past sessions in which I have been involved are posted on the open web under the title "The Book of Nature". 

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January Meeting

Scientism and Secularism

Presented by

Bruce Phillips

Bruce Phillips


January 31st- 7:00 PM

Room 108
955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
Directions to Johnson Ferry Baptist


It's one thing to love science. It's another to love scientism - the philosophical (not scientific) view that the only way to discover truth is through science. Yet this is what is being promoted throughout academia, media and the culture by "science promoters" who seek an ever-larger influence on our cultural and political life. And it is having a devastating impact on both our culture and on religious belief, particularly among our youth.


Scientism and Secularism


Bruce Phillips will lead us in an examination of J. P. Moreland’s recent book "Scientism and Secularism." Dallas Willard, the "dean" of evangelical academic philosophy professors said about Scientism that "The idea that knowledge - and of course reality - is limited to the world of the natural sciences is the single most destructive idea on the stage of life today."



Bruce Phillips is a Certified Apologetics Instructor with certificates from the North American Mission Board of the SBC, from BIOLA (the Bible Institute of Los Angeles) in California, and from Cross-Examined, an apologetics ministry founded through Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC.


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